Social media marketing, Web 2.0

More and more companies order dedicated Facebook pages and professional, active account management.

The activities include:

  • unique Facebook pages (landing pages)

Signing up for a Facebook account is free to both companies and individuals. The basic profile offers just a few functions – wall, opinions, discussions, info and images – but it can be expanded and adjusted to your needs through applications and made-to-order modules.

OJA designs and implements Facebook pages and writes Facebook applications of your choice. After the initial talks, OJA will suggest you the strategy, presentation methods and possible features and modules that should be implemented.

  • account management/administration

The profile and activities on Facebook should be in line with your offline communication and website, or brand positioning.

  • organizing promotions and competitions (coordination, programming)

Your Facebook profile should attract other users to stimulate discussions and build a community around the brand. OJA implements appropriate marketing tools and plans promotional activities: competitions, affiliate programs, discounts for active users, interesting advertisements, polls, or other dedicated modules.

  • managing advertising campaigns

Web 2.0 (blogs, chatrooms, discussion forums, etc.)

We know how to establish relationships between brands/products and consumers. Our strategies and software (e.g. blogs, chatrooms and discussion forums) meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Web 2.0 is a term that describes the websites which rely on direct contact/interaction between their users. By sharing information about brands and products, these users actively create the content of web portals, influence the image of companies and decide about their success (or failure).

Blogs, chatrooms and discussion forums are an interesting way to share information and expert knowledge. They also enable effective communication with current and potential customers. These modern and effective forms of e-marketing are used for building an online community around a given brand.

You need experience and practice to be the best

We have enormous experience in implementing Web 2.0 tools. We offer you professional and easy-to-use software, adjustment of graphical templates to your individual needs, advice and technical support during integration with your website as well as coordination of activities and website promotion.

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