Email marketing

OJA provides its customers with a professional mailing system so that they can complete mailing campaigns themselves. If you want OJA to take care of your campaign, we offer you comprehensive planning, creative concept, copywriting and completion of the campaign, followed by a report on its effectiveness.

Effectiveness above all

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective and popular forms of e-marketing. E-mailing is the sending of mass mail to e-mail recipients.

By following a well-planned strategy, your company can achieve the following business goals:

  • build long-term relations with customers
  • acquire new contacts and customers
  • build a desired image of your company
  • sell products or services.
  • send the mail yourself or outsource it

The customers who wish to complete e-mail marketing campaigns themselves can attend our training on system operation.

Know how and software

We offer you a professional system for sending mailing campaigns and newsletters, allowing you to reach the most popular target groups with the right message. The software also enables effective address database management. In addition, the software lets you customize outgoing e-mail messages and effectively monitor campaign results. Thanks to our software, you can quickly, accurately and inexpensively reach a given target group and measure the effectiveness of these actions.


  • easy administration
  • manage large address databases effectively
  • reach your customers with precision
  • customize outgoing messages (e.g. include the first name in the message body)
  • import and export subscribers (e.g. from an Excel file)
  • multiple language support
  • unlimited number of recipient groups and subscribers
  • scheduled auto-responders (automated mail sending)
  • automated duplicate detection
  • support for all attachments (illustrations, images, PDF files, etc.)
  • history of sent messages
  • track the number of times a message has been opened
  • track the number of times a link in a message has been clicked
  • test your mailing campaign before sending it
  • full report on completed mailing campaign. Templates and newsletter content

We can prepare a graphical template for your messages that is adjusted to your individual needs. You can also hire our copywriter to prepare interesting, persuasive and attention-grabbing copy for your outgoing messages.

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