We have specialized in the design and implementation of websites and comprehensive e-marketing strategies for years.

Well-planned strategy

We help customers develop a comprehensive strategy for online promotional activities which are in line with their long-term business plans. We aim at combining the online strategy with offline activities.

When designing websites, we take your company’s needs, your target group’s tastes and preferences as well as the specificity of your industry into consideration. Before we begin our work, we analyze the goals of your company and the needs of website users. We make sure that the new website is not only a visually pleasing design, but also an effective tool that supports and enables communication between your company and the customers.

Functionality and intuitive navigation

A website is first and foremost an invaluable source of information about the company, its products and services. When designing a website, we make sure it is optimized so that it loads quickly and we follow the principles of usability and functionality. Each new website is a tool that must be friendly even to inexperienced internet users.

strony internetowe

Attractive graphics

The look of a website has a considerable influence on its positive reception, which in turn builds trust and a modern and positive image of the company.

Above all, graphical elements must be adjusted to website users so that a given website has an impact on their subconscious and decision-making. At the same time, graphics must be in line with the image of the company that owns the website.

Search engine friendly code

We make sure that the website we design is very search engine friendly, i.e. the website ranks high in search results, thus increasing the effectiveness of implemented e-marketing activities. Basic e-marketing activities include:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google sponsored links (PPC – Pay Per Click).

Compliance with standards

Based on our vast experience in designing intuitive websites and with the application of WCAG guidelines, we can guarantee that the websites designed and implemented by OJA are in comply with top standards. They are designed primarily for users – User Centered Design (UCD) – and they follow the principles of accessibility and usability set by W3C (

Compatibility with the most popular web browsers

We make sure the code is of top quality so that our website looks equally attractive in all popular web browsers.


Easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS)

OJA offers an extensive and easy-to-use CMS system that lets you update your website content yourself. It enables quick and easy website administration and introduction of updates, regardless of their size. The easiest operations include: adding, deleting, hiding and editing texts, subpages, links, menu and submenu items, animations, image galleries, images, documents, files for download, managing product catalog, the news module, newsletter, polls, etc.

Full service and complete outsourcing

We provide our customers with comprehensive services:

  • domain registration
  • web hosting
  • design and implementation of websites with an easy-to-use (open source or our own) CMS system, which lets you update content yourself
  • on-going website management, administration and updates
  • SEO and sponsored links for websites and online stores
  • comprehensive e-marketing campaigns (viral marketing, social media marketing, e-PR).

Effectiveness above all

  • You receive well-tried effective website design solutions tailored to your company’s needs. These solutions, among others, will decide how quickly customers choose your offer in the future.
  • The communication strategy and website suggested by OJA will build a positive and attractive online image of your company.

Even the most complex websites

Based on our experience in the design and implementation of complex web portals and websites (e.g. for TVP, Orange, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, District Court in Warsaw and many more), we can offer you not only visually pleasing designs, but also functional tools that support your everyday operations and the effectiveness of your business.

OJA experts in internet technologies are here to help you. They will be happy to answer your questions and suggest effective, modern and well-tried solutions.

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